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Better living through better vision


Nursing Home Eyecare Group is the leading provider of on-site geriatric eye care in Texas and we’ve been managing our patients’ health since 1999. We offer proactive, thorough care in the comfort of our patient's own environment even if that means at their bedside. At Nursing Home Eyecare Group, our patient's quality of life and the needs of the facilities we serve are our top priorities!

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Comprehensive Eye Care

From the simple to the complex - Team oriented care

Our doctors give the very best in eye care utilizing the most advanced instrumentation for diagnosis of eye disease. We evaluate the entire visual system and assess for conditions related to diabetes, hypertension and a host of other systemic diseases.


We work as part of the team with families, social services, nursing and primary care doctors to ensure that patients get the best and most complete care possible and we're always available for after-hours calls and problems from the nursing staff.

Our doctors have the experience and knowledge to manage all eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, retinopathy and a wide variety of other conditions.  

We also utilize the most advanced care available including amniotic stem cell therapy for corneal rehabilitation, punctal occlusion for advanced dry eye and the latest in electrodiagnostic testing such as Visually Evoked Potentials and Electroretinograms as well as utilizing optical coherence tomography to better detect abnormalities that can't be seen in a regular examination!

Eyeglass fittings

The best in materials from caring doctors

When our doctors determine that glasses will enhance the quality of life for our patients, we have frames right there on site and our doctors provide hands-on assistance to help the residents pick just the right glasses for them! 


We even laser engrave their names into the glasses!

Our team recognizes that even a small improvement in vision can make all the difference in the world for our patients.  Things most people take for granted like being able to watch TV, play bingo or even see their food are hurdles we can help even the most non-verbal patient overcome and make their lives better in small and big ways!


We make caring for your residents easier then ever

At every visit, not only do our doctors provide a comprehensive report to help you meet your state requirements and convey information to families, we provide detailed prescription information for medications to help the nursing staff.

Basically, we exist to help make both the lives our patients AND the folks charged with their care the best they can be!

Get in touch today to improve your resident's lifestyle with comprehensive eye care

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A look at some of the things we see during our exams....

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Click on the links below for great articles and websites about the lastest in eye disease and issues facing our patients...


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Dr. Steven Nelson


We see patients during regular office hours

from 9-5.

Thank your for taking the time to work through our website and get some info on what we do.  I look forward to talking to you about how we can help you better serve your residents!

Our coverage area extends from Austin down to the Rio Grande Valley and from Del Rio to Beaumont...and all points in between!  Wherever you are, WE are!

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We’re here for you when you need us! Call us for an information packet or email us with questions and we'll be happy to get you the answers you need!

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